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Termination of Employment

Don't risk an employment tribunal or unfair dismissal by not following the correct procedure

Termination of Employment

Handling the termination of employment with the correct protocol is very important for employers. Poor handling of the procedures can result in an employment tribunal or an unfair dismissal claim. As a result it is a significant consideration for a successful business. If you’re not sure about how to properly go about termination of employment, or you’re unsure your procedures are up to date, contact our free helpline for expert advice – 0161 115 6164.

Termination Of Employment & Dismissal Procedure

The industrial relations service ACAS state that the dismissal of an employee should be considered a last resort. A fair and consistent dismissal procedure must be set out in staff handbooks by an employer. Attempting to deal with any issue informally prior to dismissal is advised. Effective disciplinary procedures may also help prevent termination. When dismissing an employee, employers must provide the following;

  • Notice period, except in cases of violence and other gross misconduct at work
  • A valid and justifiable reason for dismissal
  • Consistency in terms of the dismissal policy

Not sure whether you have a justifiable reason for dismissal? Think you’ve got an inconsistency in your dismissal policy? Call our helpline for free expert advice today – 0161 115 6164.

Unfair Dismissal Claim

Fair dismissals are those with a valid reason such as conduct, job performance or when making redundancies. There are other substantial reasons for dismissal, but employers must demonstrate they’ve acted fairly. Unfair dismissals may result in an award, with the average value in 2011-12 being £4,560. If you’re not sure if you’ve correctly followed dismissal procedure or you’re uncertain you have a valid justifiable reason contact 0161 115 6164 for free expert advice.

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