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UK Statutory Employment Law can be extremely complex.

  • EmployerAdvice.org.uk has been set up to help the 4.5 million small businesses in the UK.
  • Following incorrect HR and legal procedures can cost your business money.
  • We are a FREE national employment law, HR and ACAS code based advice helpline for employers.

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  • Do you need FREE HR advice for your small business?
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FREE Emergency Legal Advice for Small Businesses

  1. Our advisors will assess your current HR or Employment Law query by telephone.
  2. If incorrect procedures ARE NOT being followed or there is a lack of documentation, these high risks of legal action will be dealt with as an emergency for you.
  3. Our nationwide Employment Law Advisors can visit you FREE OF CHARGE.

Reduce Costs to Your Small Business

  • Last year there were 218,100 Employment Tribunal cases that cost small businesses millions of pounds in damages.
  • EmployerAdvice.org.uk advises based on ACAS code the best way for employers to avoid legal action by acting quickly and within the law.

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