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Correct Legal Grievance Procedure

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Grievance Procedures

Occasionally there may be a need for employers to handle a grievance procedure. Proper implementation of disciplinary procedures is very important as failure to do so may result in a claim for constructive dismissal. This in turn could result in an employment tribunal, which means it’s necessary to establish proper procedures to help prevent such claims occurring.

If you’re facing a grievance, or are unsure of the procedures, please call our helpline for free expert advice – 0161 115 6164.

What Is A Grievance & A Grievance Policy

There are many things that may constitute a grievance. When a member of staff has a grievance then they should bring it up promptly, this should be made clear to employees. In some cases these may be possible to deal with informally. Reasons for grievances include;

A proper grievance policy, indicating clearly how the grievance is to be attended to, should be included in staff handbooks. Formal grievance procedures should be a last resort after attempts have been made to deal with them informally.

If you’re unsure of how to set out a proper grievance policy, or you don’t have one, please call our helpline for free expert advice on 0161 115 6164.

How To Deal With A Grievance

Dealing with an employee grievance can be a sensitive matter; however it should be based on a written grievance procedure. After hearing the evidence of the aggrieved, employers must set out their decision to them in writing.

The employee may appeal the decision, and there should be adequate notice given to an employee to prepare their case. If you’re uncertain about how to prepare for a hearing, or you’re having difficulty dealing with a grievance call our free helpline for expert advice – 0161 115 6164.

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