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HR Advice For Employers

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Running a business of any size can be a very time-consuming and demanding job. This is often exacerbated if budgets do not allow for in-house departments to deal specifically with legal or human resources, both of which can be incredibly complicated. Unless someone in the company is formally trained in employment law or HR, understanding and implementing all of the legislation into a business effectively can be a very daunting task. Especially as, if they are not followed correctly, there can be severe repercussions that could affect the entire company.

Human resources cover all relevant procedures related to employment law:

HR advice for employers concerning any of these situations is very important as there are strict and complex rules to abide by, especially on the employers behalf. If these are not followed, or if documentation is out of date and followed incorrectly, the situation can escalate to become very complicated. Mistaken legislation can sometimes result in employment tribunals which can be very costly and stressful to all parties involved.

For start-ups or smaller businesses, employing a trained professional or outsourcing these services can often be an additional expense that is easy to overlook. If this is the case, our free employment law guide 2014 is up-to-date with the most recent employment law changes and can offer you the latest and most reliable advice out there.

At Employer Advice, we offer a free HR advice helpline to help you keep on top of all of the constantly updated legislation. Our trained professionals can offer authoritative guidance and advice for even the most minor queries because we know that even the smallest mistake can have devastating repercussions. Thereafter, if needs be, our national panel of HR consultancy providers can also offer face-to-face consultations.

If you are unsure just how prepared your company is to deal with any of the above complications, please do not hesitate to call our HR Advice Helpline on 0161 115 6164 or contact us today to avoid being caught out once it is too late.

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