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Staff Handbook

What is a Staff Handbook For?

A staff handbook, also known as an employee handbook, offers additional information referred to in the Contract of Employment relating to such items as disciplinary and grievance procedures, appeals, sick and maternity/paternity leave, and pension schemes etc. if applicable. It is advisable that new employees sign a declaration confirming that they have received and read the staff handbook. The employer could be left vulnerable if an alleged code of conduct infraction is not covered in the staff or employee handbook. The staff handbook should cover every eventuality from drug use to sexual harassment.

Better Safe Than Sorry

For employers drafting templates and keeping documentation up-to-date is an onerous but necessary evil. Without up-to-date Contracts of Employment and Staff Handbooks business owners are left open to all sorts of claims with little ability to defend themselves if an issue were to arise. To be safe call our free Employers Helpline for advice on any aspect of Employers documentation.

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